Cuppa Blessing

Roasting Per Request

We roast your small order (4-10 lbs) per your requested City Roast.

Coffees from Around the World

Offering coffees from around the world. We order from Asia, South America, Africa and many more.

Green Bulk Orders

We can order in green beans in bulk for you. Depending on the country, 10 to 25 pound minimums. Organic, Regular and Decaf.

About Us


Many people who love coffee never really know what it takes to make a good cuppa. Taking the time to roast your own, test the different types, countries and blends takes many years to learn. When you find ones that tantalize your taste buds you tend to stick with it. Unfortunately, one misses out on the full experience that coffees can bring. After many years of experimenting, we have come to know and understand how to roast coffees to bring out the best in them, no matter the city roast. Some coffees can roast at different temperatures bring out wonderful accents from the same bean. People tend to like certain city roasts and rarely venture far from it. We can suggest new possibilities with smaller roasts from your order. We aim to please as well as bring new experiences to your enjoyment of coffee.

What Our Clients Say about Us

Teresa Tagas

Artist, Montana

I wasn't a big coffee drinker until I found Cuppa Blessing. They changed my mind about how coffee should taste. I have been ordering coffee exclusively from Cuppa Blessing for the past 6 years. Won't drink coffee out because I am too spoiled with how coffee should taste. And that is not burnt, too strong or flavored up. Cuppa Blessing makes it just for me, the way I like it. Thanks for your dedication, it is greatly appreaciated.

Joe Velasquez

Fireman, Montana

I love this coffee! I appreciate the variety of beans I am able to try. I have taken some to the Fire Station and they never had such good coffee as this. Thanks Cuppa Blessing for your wonderful roastings.

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